The groundworks are an essential part of the construction of a playground, with the need to facilitate good drainage for the play area. We can provide the right sub base for new equipment, safety surfacing and paths.

We specialise in wet pour rubber safety surfacing which is a porous system and should therefore be laid on either an existing or newly constructed free draining sub base. Wet pour requires an engineered sub-base and can be laid on MOT Type 1 stone, no-fines concrete or existing tarmac, subject to being in good condition.

Materials such as grass, sand and mud are removed to the required depth and curb or wooden edgings are laid if they are needed. 100mm of MOT Type 1 stone is laid and compacted ready to receive the wet pour. If laying on a tarmac base, drainage holes are drilled before a chase cut groove is cut around the perimeter for a primer to be applied in preparation for the surface.

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